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Victoria Beckham 5 Hands Diet


Find out how Victoria Beckham lost her baby weight using the 5 hands diet here.






5 Hands Diet Victoria Beckham



What is the Five Hands Diet?


Most women today agree that it is extremely hard to lose pregnancy weight, especially after multiple children. In fact, many women simply give up on returning to their previous level of fitness after they have had children. Not Victoria Beckham, however.


Victoria has had four children – with that many children, it would be understandable if she no longer had the flat stomach and form that she once had.


Thanks to a specialized (and strict) diet and exercise plan, however, she has lost all the weight from her pregnancy – and some even argue that she looks better than she did before.


In order to lose the weight, Beckham moved to the strict Five Hands diet just five days after giving birth. Some of the key components of this diet include fish (not fried, of course) and nuts for protein, as well as berries that are rich in antioxidants. She also attributes much of the success to cutting out salt and sugar from her diet.


The five hands diet is not just about food, however. Beckham also has been exercising (gently). She is exercising and swimming at a private resort beach, although she did not resume heavy exercise until eight weeks after the pregnancy due to doctor’s orders.


Overall, the five hands diet has been quite successful for Beckham, both by her own standards as well as by those of the general public. While many were at first worried for her health (as it is important for women to get lots of nutrients post-pregnancy), it appears that Beckham is using a carefully structured diet that is getting her the nutrients she needs, without the fat content.



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