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Adios Quick Slim shake review, is it effective?



What is Adios Quick Slim shake?


Advertised as a “meal replacement for weight control”, Adios Quick Slim is effectively a strawberry milkshake, containing just 203 calories, and is designed to replace two meals each day.


It has lots of added vitamins, although the manufacturers do advise users to ensure that they combine a balanced (and preferably energy-restricted diet) with two meals of Adios Quick Slim.


Ingredients include Saccharose, powdered skimmed milk, milk proteins, powdered whey, soya oil, beetroot concentrated juice, strawberry flavouring, alongside other flavourings, colourants, minerals and emulsifiers.


It is suitable for vegetarians, though not vegans, and should not contain gluten or nuts (though the manufacturer does not rule out a possible trace of these through cross-contamination). Obviously this product would not suit those with a lactose intolerance.



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How easy is this meal replacement diet to use?


It really couldn’t be easier: just empty the contents of a sachet into a bottle, add 200ml cold skimmed milk, shake to ensure it is properly mixed, and the strawberry milkshake is ready to drink.


Are there any known side effects or contra-indications?


None have been reported to date. Adios Quick Slim should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or by children under the age of 16. Diabetics and those with phenylketonuria are advised to consult their doctor before using this product.


Adios Quick Slim diet customer reviews


It’s a little early to assess this product in terms of customer feedback, since few reviews have so far been submitted. One online pharmacy claims to have received nine customer reviews to date, with average scores of 3.9 out of 5.


However, that website includes no comments from customers, and in the absence of customer reviews on other sites, I would treat those nine reviews with some scepticism.


Is it worth buying?


The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is £8.95 for four sachets, though a little bit of online searching will find much better deals.


Whilst the lack of credible customer reviews for Adios Quick Slim makes it difficult to assess in terms of its effectiveness, this product might still be worth considering.


Replacing two meals each day with a low-calorie drink could help you to lose weight, which is the main aim. Its cost, compared to what you might otherwise spend on normal meals, means that Adios Quick Slim could also help your bank balance to recover from the Christmas over-spend.


Where to buy Adios Quick Slim shakes, UK stockists


Adios Quick Slim is very widely available on the high street and online from companies such as Pharmacy2u.


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