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Balanced Diet Plan


If you are looking for anything from diabetic, to Atkins, to vegetarian diet plans then Tesco Diets can help. Tesco Diets offer a wide variety of different balanced diet plans to get the weight off fast.





Finding the right balanced diet plan



Tesco Diets is the best place to start your search if you are looking to find a low-carbohydrate plan such as the one offered by Atkins. There are also many other diet plan choices (a diabetic plan, a low-cholesterol plan, and a vegetarian/vegan plan are offered as well).


No matter what diet plan you choose, you can be assured that it has been carefully selected and tailored to your needs. Tesco Diets is an online slimming club that offers both diet and fitness plans, so it's a complete weight loss resource.


A balanced diet plan tailored to you


A lot of people, with their busy lifestyles, find it hard to fit healthy eating and exercise into their daily routines. Tesco makes it easier to do, with 24-hour access to your fitness plan, as well as an on-call dietitian that's always ready to answer your questions.


When you decide to become a member, you will get a personal meal plan every week, that has been made just for you and your activity level, your food likes and dislikes, and the goals you wish to meet. You can shop at any market, as all the food items are widely available. The ease of use and access is part of what makes Tesco Diets so great- plus, the encouragement you'll get will help to keep you motivated.



Tone up and lose weight


Tesco Diets' fitness plan is second to none. It will allow you to tone up and slim down, all without setting foot in a gym. All you have to do is tell what parts of your body need to be toned, as well as what kind of exercise you prefer to do- and we'll generate a custom fitness plan, just for you.


Fitness programs are based on activity level, fitness level, and your equipment availability. You're just one click from all our resources such as a daily diet and exercise journal, as well as handy calculators for body mass index, metabolic rate, and heart rate.


For those that don't like a restrictive diet, there is the Totals option, which allows you to enter your food intake into an online diary. That data is analyzed, and each entry is given a Totals value that's based on calories and other nutritional qualities. You will have the option to earn "extra" Totals when you work out, which allows you to be more diet-conscious without changing your lifestyle.


Tesco 2010 weight loss pledge


"Lose a stone in 8 weeks or get your money back!"


This is the promise on offer from Tesco diets for all new slimmers signing up before January 31st 2010. Tesco are so confident that you will lose the pounds following their balanced diet plan, that they are putting their money where their mouth is.


If you are looking for a simple yet effective way to lose weight, then Tesco Diets is ideal for you.


Visit the Tesco Diets website






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