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Which is the best diet to try this year?



Looking for a diet plan in 2013?


As we loaded our dishwashers on Christmas night, a significant number of us were no doubt also laying down plans for the diet we would be embarking on in January.


In fact it can often seem unusual and off trend to not have some sort of detox or fat burn scheduled come New Year’s Day.


We increase our calorie intake over Christmas and heap pressure on ourselves to give up our vices and lose weight as soon as December is behind us.


So what are the options?


There are a myriad of diets that you can sign up both online and in the real world, with many of the popular choices involving promises of an extreme weight loss, as long as you are willing to make the changes necessary to your eating habits.


Weight loss programmes such as The Cambridge Diet and Lighter Life are not for the faint hearted but they are created to offer quick results.


They mainly consist of a regime where the dieter consumes three liquid meals a day, provided by the supplier. After 2 weeks you are allowed to include one cereal bar a day, again as long as it is purchased from them.


The diets are said to be nutritionally balanced but you are required to have regular blood pressure and dehydration checks. This could prove an effective way of shedding the fat, but you are also more likely to put the weight back on once you return to a normal way of eating.


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The age-old low carbohydrate approach


An alternative way of dieting for 2013 is to instead adapt the way you eat as a lifestyle choice, with many people championing a low carbohydrate and high protein diet as a healthy way of losing weight.


In recent years, Nutritionists have become increasingly concerned with the way in which the Western world eats. Many people rely on refined and processed carbohydrates as their staple food with an extreme lack of protein and vegetables in their diet.


A healthy eating plan that has been devised in the book ‘Life Without Bread’ suggests that you lower your carbohydrates to just 70g a day, drastically cutting back on pasta, bread, rice and potatoes.


Rather than Carbohydrates, you are advised to bulk up on lean meat, salad, vegetables and fruit. It promises to increase your energy levels along with helping you lose weight, but most importantly it is to be adopted as a way of life and not just for a New Year’s resolution.


Keeping it simple


If you ask any health professional about what diet is best to do, they will often keep it simple by advising a healthy balanced diet with plenty of exercise.


Rarely will you be advised to opt for a calorie controlled diet that encourages you to skip meals and to deny yourself important food groups that provide calcium and fibre.




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