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Boots Fat Control tablets



What are Boots Fat Control Tablets?


Boots Pharmaceuticals Fat Control tablets are part of Boots' own-brand range of weight loss aids, based on a patented organic plant source formula.


How do Boots fat control tablets work?


Boots fat control pills are part of the “fat binding” range. This means they reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs as food passes through the gut.


While there are already a number of over-the-counter supplements which promise to do this (with the most notable being Proactol), Boots have entered the market with a rather competitively priced option. 


Boots Fat Control Ingredients


The active ingredient in these pills is a patented fibre complex, derived from organic plants, which reduces the amount of fat that the body absorbs.


They also contain microcrystalline cellulose, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, silica, and povidone magnesium stearate. They are free of animal-derived ingredients, as well as artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives and salt.


To effectively slim down your waist, Boots emphasises that the fat control pills should be used as part of a holistic weight-loss programme, involving a reduced-calorie diet and exercise.


Boots fat control key benefits


With diet pills proliferating on the market today, one reason to opt for Boots' version is that they're made by a trusted and well-known brand, which is essential when choosing any kind of pharmaceuticals.


Boots fat control side effects


There have been no side effects reported so far, but this product is for adults only and Boots says the pills should not be taken if:


 You have a body mass index below 18.5


 You are taking medicines for diabetes or high cholesterol

 You have kidney problems or kidney stones, except in the case of advice from a doctor


Boots also advises consulting your pharmacist before taking these pills if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and that anyone using Boots Pharmaceutical Fat Control should not go above the stated dose.


Boots fat burner dosage


The pills should be taken after each main meal for at least a six-month period, or until you have reached your weight-loss target, according to Boots. If you're having an indulgent meal the dose can be increased to three or four tablets, but no more than nine tablets should be taken within 24 hours.  




Fat Binders can make a big difference to your weight loss efforts if you find it difficult or simply don't have the time to count calories.


They also allow you to still enjoy the occasional treat or big family meal without having to feel guilty, giving you added flexibility which most diets don't allow.


Although Boots Fat Binding tablets are a relatively new addition to Boots, we expect them to make a big impact as one of the cheapest and most effective fat binders available. Boots Pharmaceutical Fat Control is available from Boots online for just £22.45.


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