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What are raspberry ketones?


Raspberry ketones are said to be the latest must-have “superfood” for promoting a healthy and slim body.


Clinical trials have shown positive weight loss results, with USA's celebrity diet doctor - Dr.Oz praising the supplement for its ability to safely promote weight loss.


How do raspberry ketones help you lose weight?


In a nutshell, raspberry ketones are the active compound that gives raspberries

their delicious scent and tangy flavour. However, it is now known that raspberry ketones also encourage the body to secrete adiponectin - a protein hormone which regulates quite a few of the body’s metabolic processes, especially the fatty acid catabolism.


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Studies have shown that generally speaking, the higher the level of adiponectin in the body, the lower overall body fat levels are. Furthermore, studies have shown that higher levels of adiponection help prevent type two diabetes and fatty liver disease, while significantly stimulating the metabolism.


As a result of this, the latest research concludes with the words that raspberry ketones “holds great promise as a health-improving, fat-burning herbal medicine.”


Watch the Fox News report on Raspberry Ketone here :



Raspberry Ketone side effects


Raspberry Ketones are 100% natural, so the chances of there being any side effects are minimal, unless of course you are allergic to raspberries! However, as with any slimming supplement, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid using this product.


Raspberry Ketones are not known to intefer with other medicines, however if you are unsure always speak to your Doctor first to avoid any potential side effects.


Where to buy Raspberry Ketone Capsules?


There are a number of supplements on the market which contain this ingredient.


However, our choice has to be the rather excellent Raspberry Ketone Plus - which also includes Acai and Resveratrol in addition to 100mg of Raspberry Ketones per capsule.


Raspberry Ketone Plus is available to buy directly from Evolution Slimming – one of the web's largest supplement retailers. Each bottle comes with a FREE 7 day diet download, money back guarantee and fast discreet delivery.

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