Can diet pills kill you? | Diet pill side effects


Can Diet Pills Kill You?


Diet pills contain a number of different ingredients, some of which have recently been banned due to their serious side effects, including deaths. So which are safe diet pills?





Can Diet Pills Kill You?



The question over whether diet pills can kill you really comes down to the product in question.


Recent new laws and regulation over the safety of diet pills and over-the-counter supplements, has meant that a number of potentially lethal formulations have now been taken off the market.


One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the banning of ephedra and phentermine - commonly used to boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite.


While weight loss results from both of these ingredients are often favourable, there have been a number of deaths and widespread reports of severe side effects resulting from their use.


Diet pill side effects


In recent years the FDA (US Food and Drugs Administration) swiftly acted to ban both of these ingredients from being used in any diet pill formulation.


More recently however, the UK prescribed appetite suppressant - Reductil was taken off the shelves by the EU medicines authority due to the increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.


It seems that its not just prescription only drugs which can cause side effects. The popular over the counter fat blocker Alli which promises to cut out a third of the fat we eat, is also currently under investigation by the FDA amid reports of liver damage.


Alli's stronger prescription only version - Orlistat is thought to be responsible for at least 17 deaths since its release back in 2001.


So which diet pills are deemed safe for long term use?


Natural is often the best way forward here, although weight loss results are understandably not quite as good as drug based diet pills.


However natural fat burners such as the recently reviewed Capsiplex, can help boost the metabolism and promote weight loss without causing any negative side effects.


Capsiplex relies on capsicum -  an extract taken from red hot peppers, which has been clinically proven to speed up the metabolism by up to 12x.


In fact clinical studies have shown that Capsiplex can help burn as many calories as a 25 minute jog or a slice of Pizza.


As Capsiplex contains ingredients which are normally found in spicy foods, it is highly unlikely to cause any adverse reaction and has been deemed safe for long term use.


Capsiplex recently made headlines across the UK where it was featured in a number of newspapers. Capsiplex was highly praised for its natural approach to weight loss.


For more information visit the Capsiplex website





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