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Can Lipobind really reduce dietary fat absorption by up to 27% while also decreasing cravings?



What is Lipobind?


Lipobind is a well known, UK manufactured, fat-binding diet pill that has been on the market for several years.


The brand has recently been revamped to included essential vitamins A, D and E and claims to bind up to 27% of dietary fats when combined with a low calorie eating plan and exercise.


Lipobind uses Litramine, a substance derived from the leaves a cactus plant that works as a complex fibre, binding to the fat cells in your diet and making them too large to be absorbed by the body...but does it work?


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How does Lipobind claim to work?


Using Litramine, Lipobind says that up to 27% of the fats that you consume will be passed through the body naturally, rather than being absorbed. It is not the first, or only, over-the-counter fat-binder on the market, but is one of the more recognisable ones.



The leaves of the Opuntia Fiscus Indica Cactus, the source of Litramine, have been used in other diet pills and are proven as effective fat-binders, the problem however, is Lipobind’s lack of information on quantities and sources for its ingredients.


Nowhere on the manufacturers website does it give a definitive list of ingredients, so whether or not the amount of Litramine in Lipobind is enough to be as effective is unknown.


As for the vitamins, well, there’s no evidence that these particular vitamins are especially important during weight loss. They really serve no purpose as a dieting aid, and again, Lipobind doesn’t detail anywhere how much of your RDA of these vitamins are included in each pill itself.


Is it effective?


A quick scan of the review boards and the verdict is pretty mixed. Lots of people claim that Lipobind has helped them shed the excess weight but there are an awful lot of unhappy customers.



Some even claim that they gained weight while taking Lipobind, although no other information is given as to the rest of their diet. Certainly for a fat binder to work effectively, it can’t do all the hard work on its own, a healthy eating plan and good exercise regime are just as important.


A lot of reviews however, report no weight loss what so ever from taking Lipobind, and as one of the more expensive brands, you’d perhaps hope to see a little more evidence from its users.


Are there any potential side effects?


All fat-binders come with a few side effects; Lipobind however, list no adverse reactions at all, this seems a little irresponsible since it is well documented that these types of diet pills can cause an upset tummy and diarrhoea.


Reducing your dietary fat intake can usually keep this under control, but the company should at least warn its customers of this. Once again, dieting forums are rife with people claiming to have suffered these types of reactions.


Lipobind Conclusion
Rating:  (2/5)


For a well known and well marketed diet pill, we would have expected much more readily available information other than just advertising campaigns and hype.


None of the clinical trials that Lipobind claims to have done are available to view anywhere, nor can you find its detailed list of ingredients and quantities.


Lastly, to claim that its pill has absolutely no adverse reactions at all, is either ignorant or irresponsible.


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Popular alternative....Proactol


Our advice is to look for fat binders which have positive feedback, a money back guarantee, and clinical proof.


One of the best fat binders in recent years is Proactol, awarded as The Telegraph's best diet supplement, and has a long list of satisfied users stretching over the decade its been on sale.


Read more about Proactol in our review



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