Meratol Side Effects


Meratol Side Effects


Meratol is a popular weight loss supplement, but is it safe to use?


Find out the side effects of Meratol in the full review below.





What Are The Side Effects Of Meratol?



Meratol side effects


Meratol has been on sale since December 2010 and has so far proved to be one of the most searched for slimming pills in the UK.


The key to Meratol's success is due to the products unique approach to weight loss - focusing on boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite and blocking the absorption of excess carbs and fat.


However, many dieters are concerned as to whether any of Meratol's 4 key ingredients can cause any negative side effects.


After all, the vast majority of diet pills available often contain harsh stimulants or large amounts of caffeine.


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Is Meratol safe?


Meratol appears to contain only natural ingredients which have been selected due to both their effectiveness and safety profile.


The fat burning portion of Meratol is the clinically proven capsicum extract - a natural plant extract taken from red hot chilli peppers.


Unlike the majority of fat burning compounds, capsicum does not cause side effects or leave users feeling jittery - as is the case with typical caffeine or ephedra based diet pills.


Also contrary to what many people may expect, the capsicum found in Meratol does not cause any irritation whatsoever. Even those who normally find spicy food intolerable have not reported any discomfort with Meratol. This is due to a unique PH-sensitive coating which releases the ingredients slowly over time.


Meratol full ingredients


Meratol contains capsicum, brown seaweed, prickly pear and cactus plant extracts. All have been used safely in a number of well known diet supplements without causing adverse reactions.


Meratol does not contain any artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


What can I expect with Meratol?


 Faster Metabolism
 Less cravings for snacks

 Lowers carbohydrate intake
 Reduces dietary fat intake

 Weight loss of 2-4lbs per week

 100% natural and safe results



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