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NV diet pills claim to offer great skin, hair and nails with the added bonus of weight loss too. But with all these promises on offer from one pill, can it really deliver?


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NV Diet Pill Review



What are NV diet pills?


NV which is produced by NXcare, is marketed as an all-in-one beauty pill. If you believe the marketing hype, then you can expect to look younger, lose weight, be more energetic, and have beautiful hair, skin, and nails. If this doesn't raise a few eyebrows on its own then read on....


Carmen Electra (who features on their TV advertising campaign) claims that NV is the answer to every womanís prayers. While using celebrities to sell the latest dieting product is in itself no shock, featuring a normally slim woman to sell a diet pill does seems a little strange.


So how does the NV diet pill work?


The NV pill claims to tackle Mother Nature with the following weapons of mass destruction;


Weight Loss complex - Contains green tea, Hoodia Gordonii extract, and Theobromine.


Beauty complex - Contains collagen, Q10, and Silica.


Energy complex - Consists of two stimulants, caffeine and taurine,


Although these ingredients have shown success in various independent trials, the actual quantities found in NV are extremely low to almost negligible.


Letís look at the facts


First of all Hoodia Gordonii extract is an extremely potent natural appetite suppressant. However, clinical trials have shown that a dose of around 400mg needs to be consumed three times per day to have any notable impact on appetite suppression, and therefore any weight loss.


So how much Hoodia can actually be found in NV?


Well the exact quantity can not be found as NV has hidden the amounts behind a "proprietary blend". What is clear though is that each NV diet pill only contains 267mg of all the above ingredients in total. If you separate that over 8 or more ingredients there hardly seems enough of anything that could be of any use.


This is where most of the diet pills on sale become unstuck, as they often feature "clinically proven" ingredients but then only use miniscule amounts. This helps them demand a hefty price tag, while keeping production costs to a minimum.


Where to buy NV diet pills


This product has now been discontinued by the manufacturer.


The NV diet pill verdict


NV Diet pill rating         2/5


Looking more like the latest bottle of perfume than a diet pill, NV has used every tactic in the book to try and increase sales, without actually bothering to provide any proof that the product really works.


Celebrity endorsement by Carmen Electra fails to fool anyone, and an impressive line up of ingredients is sadly let down by hiding actual quantities behind a proprietary blend.


NV Diet Pill alternative


The only clinically proven ingredient featured in the NV diet pill is Hoodia Gordonii extract. Currently this ingredient can be purchased in 460mg 100% pure capsules from UniqueHoodia, who are one of only a handful of licensed importers.


Read more about how Hoodia works and where you can purchase it from - Hoodia Gordonii



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