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Rasva fat absorber - the natural fat binding pill?



What is Rasva?


Ravsa is a slimming pill which, according to its manufacturer, effectively prevents a percentage of fat in every day foods from being absorbed by the body. 


This means the calorie content of a typical meal is reduced, and daily fat intake is reduced without changing your eating habits.


How does it work?


The claim is that the active ingredient in Ravsa recognises excess fat from food as it enters the stomach, filters it out and binds to it. KiOnutrime-CS, a natural plant fibre, is the key ingredient responsible for this fat binding action.


The excess fat is then passed through the system completely undigested.  Therefore the body does not absorb this extra fat and draws instead on fat reserves for its daily energy requirements, i.e. removing fat from problem areas such as bums, tums etc.  


Is Rasva fat absorber really effective?


The main website for the pill states that: “Rasva® binds up to 800 times its own weight of fat.” The producers of Ravsa say that it is “clinically Proven” as a weight loss treatment. 


Further investigation of this claim reveals that whilst some tests on the main ingredient - KiOnutrime-CS, seem to have been carried out, the results are either unpublished or published by pharmaceutical companies rather than any reputable, peer reviewed journal. 


On one website, a genuine article from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition is given but this article dates back to 2006 and refers to chitosan from crustacean shells, a different type to the plant source used in Ravsa. The claims regarding clinical testing should certainly be taken with a pinch of salt, they are incomplete at best.


 If claims are true, you can lose weight without changing your diet
 100% vegetarian and non-allergenic
 Clear contact details for the company are available on the website



 The supplier does not appear to offer a money back guarantee

 Rather pricey at £74.85 for a one month supply
 Only the main ingredient is given, no info on what else the pill contains or the quantities


Customer feedback


Impartial customer reviews on the product are few and far between, but those that can be found are not very positive. One Amazon review reveals: “I haven’t seen any difference whatsoever.”


Are Rasva capsules worth buying?
Overall rating :  3/5


Given the lack of convincing clinical trials and poor customer reviews, this appears to be a diet pill to approach with caution


If the key ingredient does work in the way in which the manufacturer claims, then it might have some benefits for those who do not want to reduce the fat content of their diet. 


However, at present the evidence for Rasva natural fat binder does not seem strong enough to warrant spending lots of money on this particular slimming product.



Alternatives to consider


Fat absorbers such as Rasva have had a varied history since their conception only a decade ago. The first and most successful fat absorber was Alli – a drug based slimming pill which was notorious for giving people frequent bowel movements if fat intake was not correctly monitored.


While effective, We do not recommend Alli as the potential for some serious side effects does exist and some doctors refuse to prescribe it.


Perhaps one of the best fat binders is Proactol – a 100% natural supplement which contains prickly pear extract.


Of all the fat binders we have reviewed in recent years, only Proactol has ticked all of the right boxes for a safe, yet effectiveproduct which gives good results and has great feedback.


Read more about Proactol fat binder in our review




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