Rowlands Celebrity Slim


Rowlands Celebrity Slim


Celebrity Slim is the new range of low calorie shakes, bars and soups designed to replace your existing meals. 


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Rowlands Celebrity Slim



Rowlands Celebrity Slim review


Celebrity Slim, exclusively available from Rowlands pharmacy, is a low carbohydrate diet plan featuring meal replacement shakes, bars and soups.


How the Celebrity Slim diet plan works


The program is very straightforward and simple to follow. The diet focuses on 5-6 small meals per day, two of which come from a meal replacement products supplied by Celebrity Slim.


These contain high amounts of quality protein to keep you fuller for longer, and contain low amounts of fat and carbohydrates. The diet plan also allows certain permitted snacks three times per day.


How to follow Celebrity Slim:


 Breakfast Celebrity Slim shake or bar
 Mid Morning Permitted snack
 Lunch - Celebrity Slim shake, bar or soup
 Mid Afternoon Permitted snack
 Dinner Balanced, low carbohydrate meal of your choosing
 Supper Permitted snack


Are there any side effects?


Reports of side effects are very rare, and if the plan is followed correctly, will cause weight loss of around 2-4lbs per week. People who are lactose intolerant should avoid Celebrity Slim as some of the products contain skimmed milk.


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then we advise that any sort of calorie restrictive diet should generally be avoided.


What we like about Celebrity Slim


Many people often find it difficult to follow typical diet plans, normally due to busy lifestyles.


Celebrity Slim offers a range of diet products which can be eaten when you don't have time to prepare a balanced meal, or usually have to grab food on the go.


Celebrity Slim Testimonials


Genuine user feedback is available on various weight loss forums and slimming clubs, and is typically of a very positive nature. The only negative comments we could find centred on food cravings and are inevitably a common experience with low calorie diets.


Where to buy


Celebrity Slim is only available to buy from Rowlands Pharmacy with the starter pack priced at 32.99, and a pack of shakes which lasts 7 days at 26.99.


Supplements which may be of benefit


The diet products produced by Celebrity Slim are designed to keep you feeling full for longer and as such contain high fibre and whey protein. However, some people may still find that they feel hungry and are unable to follow the diet.


One thing that may help and has helped countless dieters when embarking on a low calorie diet is Hoodia Gordonii extract. Hoodia works to suppress the appetite with no unwanted side effects, and is completely natural.


Read more about Hoodia Gordonii





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