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Skinny Sprinkles - The new fun way to lose weight?



What are Skinny Sprinkles?


Skinny Sprinkles Weight Management is a drink formulated by Nutritional Scientist Dr. N. Plummer and promises to help you feel fuller throughout the day.


This drink contains glucomannan which when used in the right quantities can assist in weight loss.


Recommended by EFSA, Skinny Sprinkles curbs the appetite by increasing satiety and is extremely easy to use, just add water, stir and then drink.


Watch the Skinny Sprinkles video here:



Buy Skinny Sprinkles online from the official website



How do Skinny Sprinkles work?


This drink mix is designed to make sure you still have the correct intake of calories and consume a balanced diet while helping you to stay full, exercise regularly and keep healthy.


It contains two active ingredients, glucomannan and inulin -  


Glucomannan helps you to feel full as it expands in the stomach and can absorb 200 times its weight in water. When it reaches the stomach it begins to swell into a gel like solution which ultimately helps control the appetite.


Inulin moderates your blood sugar levels, is a natural fibre and can help in avoiding sugar rushes. This clever substance also raises endurance by extending energy levels gained from eating high carbohydrate foods such as bread and potatoes.


Caffeine is also a major benefit of Skinny Sprinkles. Scientific evidence has proven that taking at least 75mg of caffeine increases your alertness and attention levels and can raise the metabolism.


The ingredients combined as a whole makes your stomach feel as though you have had a meal. This is down to something called gastric-emptying which helps the stomach know when you have eaten so it can start the digestion process. Drinking a glass of water, for example, does not need to be digested which is why it does not help you to feel full afterwards.


Is it clinically proven?


Clinical trials have proven that glucomannan contributes to weight loss. This ingredient is listed in the EU Register on nutrition and health claims and is also known to assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure.


This is because glucomannan’s high viscosity helps in reducing the re-absorption of bile acids,

and reduces and reduces circulating cholesterol concentrations.


Are there any side effects?


One of the benefits of Skinny Sprinkles is that it promises to be free from any negative side effects. Because it contains all-natural ingredients it's a safe and healthy way to control the amount of calories you consume and stick to a healthy eating regime.


Is it worth buying?


If snacking and over eating really are your weaknesses, and you have tried many other ways in which to lose weight, then this simple and effective product could work wonders for you.


They offer different sized product packs including a small trial box to help start you off and then bigger options once you decide you like

how it is working for you.


The prices are reasonable and can be easily ordered from the official website. With plenty of success stories to read through, news reports and scientific recommendations you can make a decision as to whether this is the right weight loss program for you.


For more information and orders visit the
official Skinny Sprinkles website




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