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Slim Tone Plus claims to boost metabolism and fight hunger cravings, but is its expensive auto ship program worth the risk?



What is Slim Tone Plus?


Slim Tone Plus are two diet aids, a natural diet pill and patches which should be applied to the skin.


Available from the official website, the patches and pills can only be purchased together, at a cost of £75 for one month’s supply, automatically set up as an auto ship programme every thirty days unless cancelled.


Is Slim Tone Plus Effective?


The supplement is said to contain a blend of powerful natural ingredients which will give you a ‘celebrity body,’ ‘melt away fat,’ and allow you to lose around 5kg in two weeks.


The official website alludes to ‘clinical proof’ of effectiveness, but does not elaborate on this with any fact or detail. The pills are meant to work by suppressing the appetite and increasing fat burn, so weight is lost in two ways.


The main ingredient is raspberry ketone, which is known to increase the production of the hormone norepinephrine, which breaks down fatty deposits and improves blood circulation to optimise bodily processes such as digestion and fat mobilisation.


This is joined by guarana, green tea and white kidney bean extracts, along with citrus aurantium and bee pollen.


Again, evidence exists to suggest these ingredients can raise metabolism, energy levels and fat mobilisation, but like with the raspberry ketone, the official website does not specify what quantities these ingredients are in, so we don’t know if there is enough to be effective.


The patches have virtually no information to prove their effectiveness, ingredients and method of delivery is absent from the website.


Concerning Customer Feedback?


Customer feedback is very damming towards Slim Tone Plus and there are large numbers of consumers who have felt duped into buying this product when they thought they were signing up for a free trial.


The free trial does not seem to be free at all, as it requires credit card details and many consumers find that they are charged the full £75 for the product after 30 days of placing the initial order.

The cancellation time does not start from the date the product is received, but from the date of the order so by the time the product has arrived and has been tested, many consumers are told they are too late to cancel and will be charged.


Consumers have reported difficulty in even getting through to the company on the 0845 number, and when they do they are told that they have to send the products back by recorded delivery which can cost as much as £40, in order to get a refund.

Feedback on the patches suggests that they can seriously damage the skin, and apart from on the official website, there is virtually nothing to suggest the pills are effective.


Pills have some credible weight loss ingredients.


 No clinical testing of the product.
 Little information on ingredients and quantities.
 Minimal positive consumer feedback relating to effectiveness.
 Plenty of damming feedback relating to unscrupulous sales tactics.
 ‘Free Trial’ scam would be illegal in the US.
 Certain aspects of marketing breach UK consumer laws.
 Feedback patches are unsafe.
 Expensive for what is essentially a fat burner and appetite suppressant.


Is Slim Tone Plus Worth Buying?
Rating :  (2/5)


Until the method of obtaining the product is changed, and you can purchase it without risk of tying yourself into an autoship process, and until there is more evidence to prove Slim Tone Plus’s effectiveness, this product has little to suggest it is worth buying.

The pills look like they could be an effective dual action appetite suppressant and fat burner, but the patches look potentially dangerous and at best ineffective.


As you have to buy the two together for £75, there are other more credible products out there which are cheaper and known to be effective.




Recommended alternatives:


One of the best slimming pills we have reviewed in recent years is Capsiplex – the chilli fat busting pill that is proven to burn as many calories as a 25 minute jog.


Capsiplex can seriously ramp-up the metabolism without causing any harsh side effects and was recently named as the “NHS miracle diet pill” by a number of leading newspapers.


Read more about Capsiplex here



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